DCM Accountant Services

We provide senior-level accounting services including general accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, tax planning, financial accounting (Paraplanning), business accounting/consultation, and many more.

DCM is made up of over 600 financial and accounting professionals active in a different profession, all at a senior level and is backed up by DCM's training and enhancement program.

We provide onshore and offshore services to a number of our clients as we mostly operate through cloud computing with a dedicated IT and computer system support network. We conduct all of our communication through online video conferences and web-based video conferences.

DCM Accountant is not only one of the best accounting providers but also one of the top business consulting agencies. Our business management and marketing team provides next-level business assessment and planning for small, medium-sized, and large businesses in the country.

DCM Accountants is expanding its business management and marketing services with advertising. We are looking to hire our first ever creative team by the end of the current financial year. We will then be able to provide marketing, content writing, graphic design, and social media marketing focused on business promotion and positioning.

We provide our services at a competitive rate as we focus on helping businesses grow and be more financially stable and able to adapt to modernization.


Our Mission

DMC Accountant is dedicated and focused on providing senior-level accounting and financial services to several businesses in Dublin as central to our core value of integrity.


Our Vision

In 5 years, we were able to help businesses in Dublin be more suited to several accounting conditions. We aim to further that for Ireland.


Junior Accountant Program

We are accepting aspiring accountants to be part of our team as junior consultants and trainees. Sign-up today and be part of the DMC family.

DMC Accountants Blog

For more information about the many branches of accounting, visit DMC Accountants’ blog page today.

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