Most Popular Accounting Software Platforms


Most Popular Accounting Software Platforms

Here’s a list of the top accounting software accountants use. We highly recommend all accounting platforms in this list to other accounting companies and accountants as well.

We’ve gone a long way from doing everything the traditional way to today’s automated methods. These software provide more than just one function but a collective of features for different branches of accounting.

All of these software is also cloud-based. So, here’s a list of what we think here in DMC Accountants as the best accounting software.


Xero is an award-winning program and is recognized all over the globe, especially here in Ireland. Its many product features include invoicing, reporting, data capture, bank reconciliation, bank connections, sales tax, payroll, asset management, and so much more.

The program can be accessed using your computer and smartphone and is backed-up by next-level security. All data and information you upload are well guarded and can only be accessed by people with the right credentials.

Xero’s top features are accepting payments, purchase orders, data capture, inventory, and business performance evaluation.

Most Popular Accounting Software Platforms xero - Most Popular Accounting Software Platforms

Many accountants all over the globe acquire Xero certification to boost their professional careers and capabilities. Xero is aiming to help people, even those who didn’t finish college, be proficient accountants.

MYOB Essentials

Another accounting giant that provides easy and fast solutions to manage cash flow and navigation for businesses. MYOB was founded in Australia back in 1991 and is ATO (Australian Taxation Office) compliant.

MYOB’s products are categorized according to business size. They provide services to small, medium-sized and large businesses. They also cater to start-ups. For small businesses, MYOB is a great choice for payroll with their Single Touch Payroll system or STP.

MYOB is on top of things when it comes to financial management, inventory & distribution, customer management, and payroll management. The provider is improving its online portal for enhanced services and user experience.

BQE Core

BQE is your one-stop-shop if you want all of your finances done on one platform. BQE aims at helping businesses streamline their accounting with a one-for-all intuitive tool handling A/R, A/P, and other customizable charts of accounts.

BQE is all hands-on and very informative when it comes to invoicing, generating financial reports, and bills management. Out of the software in this list, BQE has the highest rating among hundreds of experienced accountants.

BQE is also one of the most automated platforms there are as it functions well when it comes to repetitive tasks and it manages information efficiently.

BQE offers a free trial for its products and its competitive price rate makes it the best software.

However, it is still hard to choose which is the best software there is. There are dozens more not included in this list that are capable of providing several accounting services. To learn more about these software and more, contact us today or check out our blog page right now.